2014 Submissions

Techno attempt Techno Loop
real instruments General Rock Song
i actually played this Brit Pop Song
More Goofing Around New Wave Loop
Low Elo Brit Pop Song

2013 Submissions

Four hands piano New Wave Song
What On Earth Am I Doing New Wave Song
I'm tripping balls omfg Ambient Loop
Fizz Mid Or I Feed Ambient Song
Who Doesn't Like Frank Barone? House Song
Sliding! [RNG] Trance Song
Again [RNG] Trance Song
please god not fidget [RNG] House Song
making something of it [RNG] House Song
Metropolitan [RNG] Trance Song
PermaFrost [RNG] Drum N Bass Song
(WiP) PermaFrost [RNG] Drum N Bass Song
My firts technoloop Techno Loop
Relaxation [RNG] Trance Song
Relaxation - preview [RNG] Trance Loop
Aurora [RNG] House Song
This Club is Haunted! [RNG] House Song
A Quick Nap [RNG] House Song
Trip-hop [RNG] Hip Hop - Modern Song
Smoulder [RNG] House Song
(DnB) Trauma [RNG] Drum N Bass Song
Sunfish (NG Edit) [RNG] Trance Song
Sunfish (Extended Mix) [RNG] Trance Song
Sunday Clouds [RNG] House Song
Cirrus Cruise (WiP) [RNG] House Song
Rain [RNG] House Song
Grande Supreme [RNG] House Song
Don't Leave Tonight [RNG] House Song
Syst3m Sh0ck [RNG] Trance Song
Stasis [RNG] Ambient Song
Fracture [RNG] Dance Song
Brain Damage (WiP) [RNG] House Song
DUN-DUM!!! [RNG] Classical Loop
Walk Away (Short Mix) [RNG] House Song
Waterfall [RNG] Trance Song
Jump Up (Final) [RNG] Dance Song
Jump Up [RNG] Dance Song
Shattered Emerald [RNG] Trance Song
The Final Moment [RNG] Trance Song
Nebula [RNG] Trance Song
I'll Fight Until I Die [RNG] House Song
Hopes and Dreams [RNG] Dance Song
Long Way Home [RNG] House Song
Awake [RNG] House Song
Progress [RNG] House Song
Electronic Waltz Video Game Song
Ghashang (Psytrance) Indie Song
You Belong Here [S5] Dance Song
Dance with me tonight (Collab) Dance Song
[S5] Midnight Battles Goth Song
Clubbin till Midnight [collab] Ska Song
Midnight Battles (Preview) Dance Loop
Sunken Landscape V2 [S5] Trance Song
Sunken Landscape [S5] Trance Song
Beyond the Clouds [S5] Trance Song
Side Battle (FE4) Video Game Song
Man Becomes God (Remix) Techno Song
Man Becomes God Classical Song
Step Back (DnB Demo) -S5 Drum N Bass Song
Keep it Up ~S5 Dance Song
Boss Rush Video Game Song
Don't Give In Dance Song
Arpeggios from last saturday Miscellaneous Song