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Posted by Sirdangolot5 - June 23rd, 2010


Thank you everybody!


Comments (16)

Congrats man,you deserve it. =)

A comment from someone I don't know!

This is such an honor V____V

Since I don't use NG a lot I don't know how to reply to your response, but I'm pretty sure it stops studdering for good around 3:10. But a good song nonetheless!

lol I guess you're right then. Thanks for coming to my page!

I rated it 5 for awesome work. It did get a bit repetitive, look at the guy who gave you an 8 his review was very helpful.

If you cut and make a short version that's like 2- 2 1/2 minutes and isn't as repetitive I that would be awesomeness

Hi thar

oh wow, an audio portal vet! I'm honored n_____n

Sweet song! (system shock)

What programs or hardware did u use for it all?

Check out my tracks if you get the chance and help me out, lol!

i used FL Studio and a 3-year-old laptop to make all my songs!

It's even greater than awesome!

Syst3m Sh0ck gave me a Trancegasm. Oh and I wrote a review that I think should help you a lot. There was a guy a few below me who gave it a 5 he had a lot to say, the second latest that gave you a 9 made sense. My review that gave it a 9 made sense.

You deserve to be in top 30 for at least a month :D
I hope you stay there for so long.
At least you'll stay in my music list forevar :D

stop sucking your own cock

Congradulations. You really deserved it.

your welcomed

Congratulations, you really deserve it :D
But, no offense, why suddenly all the house? D':
It's really selfish of me to say, but it's one of the genres I do not really like.
Will you still be making trance? :D
I sort of miss it...
And again, my apologies for being a selfish dick :]

you're not the only one who's said this
I'll make some more in the near future, just watch out!

Also I'm really honored that people actually follow my music. You guys are great! :D

Hey Man, I ran across Syst3m Sh0ck a few months ago. I thought about it today and came back to listen to it haha, but I'm really looking into becoming a DJ and starting my own studio setup. I would like to know what programs you used to make your songs! Especially Syst3m Sh0ck. You've really inspired me not only to mix music, but to create it as well!

Another note: It'd be cool to get the clear to play your music at parties as well, ok? :D

respond ASAP!

You own man, keep up the great music!!!

your welcome

Hey dude awesome music!
I'm kinda thinking about trying my hand at making music and i was wondering what program you used, or if you know of like the industry standard one for beginners.